Perioscopy in Des Plaines, IL

Dental research continues to solidify the link between periodontal (gum) disease and your overall health. Although periodontal disease is often difficult to detect in the early stages without a periodontal exam, it can be very easy and painless to treat. If not treated in a timely manner, periodontal disease has been associated with an increased risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and low birth-weight babies.

We are excited to let our patients know that we utilize Florida Probe’s VoiceWorks™ as an advanced diagnostic tool for the tracking and monitoring of this disease. This system has proven to be a more efficient and organized way to diagnose and monitor periodontal disease and provides both you and the dental team with advanced information.

The software automatically tracks good and bad changes in your periodontal health over time and creates a printable periodontal chart that visually illustrates these changes to enhance understanding. Their new Risk Assessment Screening tool calculates your risk of periodontal infection or re-infection based upon your specific risk factors, which include smoking habits, systemic health, oral hygiene, medications you may be taking, genetics, age and other contributing factors. You are assigned a high, medium, or low-risk score based on combining these risk factors and your periodontal exam data to date.

You will leave with a clear picture of your gum health and a better understanding of your treatment options. Florida Probe®, helping to protect your beautiful smile for a lifetime!

Mollsen Dental and Associates is proud to be the only Florida Probe provider in Illinois.

Please download the patient education handout here: